About Science Center

The Joint Stock Company “Paxtasanoat Ilmiy Markazi” (Scientific Research Center of the Cotton Industry) is part of the Holding Company “Uzpaxtasanoateksport” and is a leading industry research center for primary processing of raw cotton.
The main objective of the Research Centre is to conduct research aimed at developing and improving the techniques and technology of primary processing of raw cotton and preparation of sowing seeds for the optimization of competitiveness of cotton products. Center is also conducts the works to improve the classification and certification of cotton products, in area of standardization, development of the technical and methodical documentation.
The Center has well-equipped specialized laboratories for research and development, bench testing of new machinery and equipment. Wide approbation, testing and implementation of new technical solutions in a real production conditions executed on five cotton ginneries which have the status of experimental enterprises.
The Scientific Council and the Technical Committee for standardization «Cotton”, printing division to issue specialized scientific and technical materials operates on the base of Scientific Center. The Center provides ginneries and procurement centers with standards of appearance of seed cotton, as well as calibration standards for verification of laboratory instruments.
Scientific-educational complex represents training center, having a comfortable hostel with 124 seats, classrooms, gym, as well as laboratories, equipped with modern measurement instruments. Annually, more than 1,000 industry professionals pass retraining in the training center. In 2011 introduced new 1,5 month course “Classification, certification and marketing of cotton fiber”. Training provides the necessary knowledge’s and skills in the field of classification of cotton fiber according with Uzbek and international standards.
Today the Science Center is an integrator of ideas in the field of development of new energy and resource-saving technologies for industry. Perspective developments include the drying-cleaning aggregates, devices for efficient capture of foreign impurities from raw seed cotton. Good results were obtained in the area of item modernization of cleaning equipment, improvement of ginning, lintering and lint cleaning equipment with ACS. Updating the bases of the laboratory instruments which will be included in the electronic control system. A special place is occupied by instruments: PAM-1 for estimating the characteristic of “micronaire” of cotton fiber, PAM-2 to determine the grade of seed cotton, as well as a device for determining of seeds fuzziness. In the current period performing the production testing of an experimental automated instrument for rapid determination of trash content of raw cotton LKM-3M, performing elaboration of the automated device that measures moisture content of all kinds of cotton materials.