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The Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan accepted for consideration the application for the invention of “Saw gin with gum state roller density control system” from Mr. A.Umarov, specialist of the Namangan Engineering and Technology Institute. The invention related to the primary processing of cotton, intended for the separation of fiber from cotton seeds at cotton ginneries. The objective is to create a saw gin with an automatic control system of the frequency of rotation of the saw cylinder and feeding rollers, depending on the change in the density of the gum state roller.

An application for the invention of the “Seed Sorter” was submitted to the Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan by scientists of the Namangan Engineering-Technological Institute. The proposed device can be used at ginneries in order to sort cotton seeds. The objective of the invention is to sort the seeds separated from the fibers of raw cotton according to their stringiness and directing them to the desired process.


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