International Seminar under the auspices of the ICAC


On May 15, 2019, the International Seminar held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China in cooperation with the ICAC began its work in Taipei, Taiwan. The topic of the seminar “Sustainability: New future for cotton and textile industry”. The seminar focuses on shaping а new future for the cotton and textile industry through sustainability, as well as a dialogue on innovation issues among the ICAC member countries.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is represented by Mr. Tokhir Kuliev, Director General of JSC “Pakhsasanoat Ilmiy Markazi” (Cotton Industry Science Center).

The Science Center, prepared a Special Edition of the “Cotton Industry” journal for the seminar, by kind permission of the ICAC. The issue provides information on the cotton cleaning industry of Uzbekistan, scientific-research activities, technical developments and opportunities of the Science Center and its divisions.

In his welcoming remarks, the Executive Director of the ICAC, Mr. Kai Hughes, noted not only the active participation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the activities held under the auspices of the ICAC, but also the successes and technical achievements of the divisions of the Science Center, in particular of “RIM Ustakhonasi” production unit. A highly useful component of the prepared journal and advertising information was noted, as they allow expanding useful information about the state and successes of the republic’s cotton cleaning industry, as well as increasing the export capabilities of cotton cleaning equipment manufactured in the country, including gins, linters, cotton cleaners, lab equipment, components and machinery. Organizing Committee distributed the journal among seminar participants.

The Republic of Uzbekistan has been a full member of the ICAC since 1992. The ICAC is an association of members of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries. The Committee was formed in 1939, and the Secretariat was established in 1946.

Its main mission is to assist members in fostering a healthy world cotton economy. The role of the ICAC is to raise awareness, to provide information, and to serve as a catalyst for cooperative action on issues of International significance.

Membership in the ICAC provides tangible benefits in the form of increased access to statistics and critical technical information provided by the Secretariat. Membership can lead to enhanced participation in collaborative interactions in cotton research and development. And, perhaps most importantly, membership provides the avenue for a country’s government and cotton industry to join fully into the fraternity of cotton countries in discussions of cotton issues of international scope and significance.


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